Naked Club's Video Streak edition 2
Check out Video Streak 3! Naked club is dedicated to creating opportunities for body-freedom expression and experiences. To join us start with this LINK Video Streak is a regular short blast of reporting from the naturist/nudist world using a dynamic hosted format that is informative and entertaining. Short segments share the social and creative nudity experiences of individuals and groups in a variety of locations and situations around the world. Please suggest to us stories we could follow, individuals we might interview, or places we could highlight. In this edition: Bare Oaks Volunteer Day and interview with Stéphane Deschênes (owner) LINK TANS - Toronto Water Volleyball and interview with Dave Fleming LINK LINK Interview with Serenity Hart at Hanlan's Point Beach. LINK LINK Preview of Naked Club's movie, Bodies of Water. LINK "Naturism" is an expression of the normalization of the clothes-free body in a social atmosphere that is not charged with sexuality. Most modern cultures indoctrinate us with the idea that being nude, if not in private, is intrinsically a sexual provocation. Every enlightened and thoughtful person in the world knows this is nonsense. The experience of being nude in a broader setting is truly liberating and should not be denied to anyone. Social interaction becomes more honest when textile barriers are down. Experiencing nature becomes more connected and sensual. Naturism is ultimately about becoming a more conciliatory human... with the world and with other humans. We are open to receiving suggestions, invitations, submissions, ideas, contributions... We are looking for people who can shoot video (and photos) at places and times that are difficult for us to get to. Please get in touch.